Our Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) provides complete peace of mind

The financial cost of unplanned downtime can be expensive and lead to additional costs to your business, such as delayed deliveries, lost sales opportunities and even lost customers. Hexagon works in partnership with its customers for the long term. We have a support network of engineers who understand the demands of your business and can provide practical and innovative solutions, as well as recommend the most appropriate combination of software, training and services that suits your needs.

We understand it's essential to maximize productivity, which is why we offer Hexagon SMA, specifically designed with your success in mind.

Check out the full set of SMA benefits below:

Technical Support

1. The Hexagon Customer Portal

You have 24/7 access to our Customer Support Portal, where you can manage your licenses, report and track issues, and more.

2. eSupport Community

Join thousands of users and technicians on our eSupport communities, with access to forums, downloads, videos and more.

3. Telephone Support

Enjoy one on one access to our Certified Software Technicians who can walk you through solving your most urgent challenges.

4. Web Rescue

A direct PC to PC service allowing our Technical Support Team to resolve your issues.

5. Expert on Site

When a phone call won't do, we may send an engineer to your business to dive deep into finding solutions. (Additional costs may be incurred).

Product Development

6. Software Updates

Our teams of developers are continually adding new features, enhancements, and fixes to keep your products on the cutting edge.

7. Bug Fixes

Through the Customer Portal, you will be able to log and monitor any software bug and receive hot fixes.

8. Enhancement Requests

Let us know how we can improve our products, and vote on other user submitted ideas through our ideation process.

Additional Benefits

9. License Protection

Rest assured knowing your software license is protected in the event of theft, accidental damage, or fire.

10. Support Charter

Hexagon have a support charter that fully documents the support process and defines the standards we set ourselves and provides you with information that will help you get the best from the technical support service that we offer. Reference to the Support Charter can be found on the Customer Portal.

Hexagon SMP

SMA Brochure Download


The satisfaction of Hexagon customers worldwide demonstrates our success. Our driving passion is to support our customers every day through our services and software. Please click here to download the Hexagon SMA brochure