WORKXPLORE - WXP Materials Enhancements


New enhancements within WORKXPLORE 2022.1 include:

  • Ability to read PMIs from the files
  • Ability to use ‘inch’ as a unit of measurement
  • Ability to read material data from other CAD systems
  • Mass properties enhancements
  • Link with NCSIMUL Publisher
  • Translators

Ability to read PMIs from files

In addition to the enhancements done for the import of GD&T data from various CAD file formats (such as CATIA, Creo/PRO-Engineer and NX/UG), it is now possible to read through a dedicated option, the PMI available in the SolidWorks files, including support for Camera Views.

Ability to use ‘inch’ as a unit of measurement

Several improvements have been made throughout the application so that users can work with ‘inches’ as a unit of measurement.

Ability to read material data from other CAD systems

When reading foreign files, it is now possible to load material properties defined in the native CAD system (such as CATIA, Creo/PRO-Engineer, JTOpen and NX/UG) so that the mass of solid bodies can be easily calculated.

Mass properties enhancements

The mass properties analysis is now able to manage multi-selection for an easier setting of the part’s material and density. In fact, it is often necessary to know the global weight of an assembly, for example a mold, where the users need to define the material for each component.

Picking models in the 3D space will select them in the dialogue table and vice versa. The table can now be sorted according to a column, and the material assigned in a quicker way with a right click on selected items.

Link with NCSIMUL Publisher

This functionality, aimed at extending the synergy with other Hexagon software products, allows NCSIMUL Publisher to read and write with WORKXPLORE.


WORKXPLORE 2022.1 continues WORKXPLORE’s long tradition of bringing updated CAD data file format support and continued enhancements to further improve robustness and performance interoperability.

Additional file formats have been added to extend synergies with other products from Hexagon. As usual all translators have been updated to guarantee the highest possible level of compatibility with other systems.