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Ability to choose the JTOpen version when saving a file

The new option “Export JT version” has been added to Interfaces settings to allow the selection of the desired version when writing this file format.


Supported Formats

The incessant enhancements to consolidate WORKXPLORE and make it even more efficient have been applied to commands and libraries.

This release continues WXP’s long tradition of bringing updated format support and continued enhancements and fixes to further improve the robustness and performance of interoperability.

Translators support, among others, the following main formats:

Readers File Extensions Versions Supported
ACIS *.sat,  *.sab, *.asab until 2021.1.0
CADDS *._pd, *_pd 4x to 5.12
CATIA V4 *.model, *.exp, *.dlv3, *.dlv4, *.session 4.15 to 4.25
CATIA CGR *.cgr R10 to R32 (V5-6R2022)
CATIA V5 *.CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.CATDrawing R10 to R33 (V5-6R2023x)
CATIA V6 *.3dxml R2010x to R2023x
CREO *.prt, *.prt.*, *.asm, *.asm.*, *.drw, *.drw.*, *.xar, *.xpr Pro/E 2000i – Creo 9.0 
DESIGNER *.vdf 2017 R2 to 2023.1
DXF/DWG *.dxf, *.dwg 2.5 to 2018
EDGECAM *.ppf 2017 R2 to 2023.1
I++ Simulator *.igp 2020 R1
IGES *.igs, *.iges up to 5.3
Inventor *.ipt, *.iam 9 to 2023
JTOpen *.jt 6.4 to 10.7
NX Unigraphics *.prt 15 to NX 2206.8080 
Parasolid *.x_t, *.x_b, *.xmt_bin, *.xmt_txt V7 to V35.1
PC-DMIS *.cad 2022.1
Rhino *.3dm Version 1 to 6
Solid Edge *.par, *.asm, *.dft, *.psm, *.pwd ST1 – 2023
SolidWorks *.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.slddrw 1999 (2004 for drw) – 2023 
STEP *.stp, *.step, *.stpZ, *.stpx, *.stpxZ AP203 (Edition 1 and 2), AP214 (up to Edition 3), AP242 E3
VISI *.wkf V19-2023.1
VDA *.vda N/A
Writers File Extensions Versions Supported
3D PDF *.pdf 1.7
DXF *.dxf Various
I++ Simulator *.igp 2020 R1
IGES *.igs 5.3
JTOpen *.jt 8.0 to 10.7 
PC-DMIS *.cad 2021.1
STEP *.stp AP214 AP242 E2