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Dreambird Creates New Russian Website For WORKXPLORE

Dreambird – Vero Software’s distributor for Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries – has created a specially designated Russian website for the WORKXPLORE CAD viewer and analyser.

The new site,, contains descriptions of all the application’s functionalities and tools, along with videos, a brochure and training manual, all in Russian.
There is also a link to a 30-day trial version ( of the application, giving CAD users the opportunity to find their way round the system and determine how it could assist in increasing the efficiency of their business.

WORKXPLORE is the most powerful, full-featured high-speed 3D CAD viewer and analyser in today’s market. It is easy to use, and has been designed for users who are not CAD experts, enabling them to explore any type of 2D and 3D CAD file.  

Distinguished by having a powerful combination of full feature capabilities, high overall functionality, and its high speed, WORKXPLORE was specifically developed to dramatically increase collaboration, productivity and effectiveness throughout cross-functional product development activities, including design, process development, manufacturing, quality, sales and customer communication, purchasing, and product documentation.
As well as WORKXPLORE, Dreambird (, which is based at Riga in Latvia, also works with a number of other Vero Software brands: RADAN, EDGECAM, VISI and WORKNC.


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