Vero Software, a Metaphor for Productivity, at the MIDEST Trade Fair

Vero Software is presenting the latest versions of its CAM, CAD, CAE, Viewer/Analyzer and ERP solutions at the MIDEST 2016 Trade Fair to be held from the 6th to 9th of December in Paris.

Located on Stand 6-M031, Vero Software will unveil the first 2017 R1 public versions of WORKNC, VISI, EDGECAM, WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE.

WORKPLAN, the ERP and Project Management solution from Vero Software, will also be present on Stand SNM METAL 6-J074, a new WORKPLAN partner.

MIDEST is the specialized trade fair for the industrial sub-contracting sector. It's a place of meetings and exchanges between stakeholders involved in the design and production of parts, tooling equipment and custom manufacturing. For Vero Software, MIDEST is a key venue for launching the company's many innovations.

Amongst the range of innovative functions designed to improve the productivity of its CAM users, WORKNC 2017 R1 includes the Parallel Finishing toolpath based on Vero Software’s new Advanced Toolform technology. The new Parallel Finishing toolpath calculations take into account the real physical geometry of the cutting tool, whether it is a high-feed tool, a standard tool or any form of convex tool. Machining time reductions of up to 70% have been achieved. A myriad of other innovative features allowing important time savings in terms of programming are available in WORKNC 2017 R1: for example 3D Tool Compensation for 3 axis and 3+2 axis machining will be demonstrated on the stand.

For EDGECAM, the production oriented turning and milling CAM solution, the new 2017 R1 version introduces the Tombstone module for assembling pre-existing parts on a defined mounting device. This new feature offers important time savings as operations such as loading, inserting, merging and rationalizing components is fully automated. Significant enhancements in terms of machine tool configurations for lathes allowing the postprocessor generator to support linear turret configurations. This assembly can also be used on Swiss-type machines as well as standard configurations.

VISI 2017 R1 is the next in line to benefit from the integration of Waveform Roughing, another innovative technology from Vero Software, ensuring improved productivity for its users by offering both increased material removal rates and prolonged tool life. VISI is a market leading solution for mold and tooling design thanks to its powerful hybrid modeler capable of handling solid, surface and wireframe entities. On the CAD side, users of VISI Progress benefit from a wide range of Strip enhancements including the ability to manipulate a strip’s width, height and component angle from the graphics area, which simplifies the strip layout process. In addition, calculated shear, bending and flange stress data is provided for every individual step of a strip’s development.

WORKPLAN 2017 R1, the Project Management solution from Vero Software, further improves user friendliness and flexibility thanks to its new 'Search' and 'File Management' tools. WORKPLAN 2017 R1 plays a major role in  improving profitability and productivity for its users. Lower stock levels while, at the same time, guaranteeing just-in-time supplies, lead to fewer bottlenecks and optimized working capacities. WORKPLAN can also interface with other Vero Software solutions.

The 2017 version of WORKXPLORE, the collaborative Viewer/Analyzer, offers new functionality which enhances its powerful visualization and analysis tools. New export interfaces (PDF 3D and JT Open mesh formats) have been introduced, and curvature radius analysis has been reviewed allowing precise and rapid cost and lead time evaluation. WORKXPLORE possesses a wide range of functions that are normally found in advanced CAD applications and which allow users to perform part diagnostics, create assembly instructions and prepare the production of 3D models.  
WORKNC 2017 R1, WORKXPLORE 2017 R1, WORKPLAN 2017 R1, VISI V2017 R1 and EDGECAM 2017 R1 will be exhibited on Stand 6-M031.


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