Eastern European Manufacturers Stay Competitive With RADAN And WORKXPLORE

An official distributor of Global CAD/CAM Supplier – Vero Software Group, has established a new partnership that is set to help manufacturers in Eastern Europe compete in the ever-changing manufacturing industry.

Dreambird, who are an official distributor of Vero’s products in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia) have created a new partnership with two companies that will allow them to offer two of Vero’s unique software solutions.  

SPARK, a leading company that supplies tools and complex solutions for sheet metal processing in Russia and Technical Solutions Company; a dealer of Flow water jet cutting machines in the Baltic States, will now be offering both RADAN and WORKXPLORE solutions to their own specific customer base.

RADAN is one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry offering a unique combination of applications for Punching, Profiling, Bending, Design and Production Management for sheet metal fabrication. WORKXPLORE is the world’s most powerful, high-speed CAD file viewer and analyser available in today’s market.

By adding the benefit of RADAN and WORKXPLORE to their range of technical solutions, both SPARK and Technical Solutions will be able to offer their customers the very latest technology in their associated industries.

Ada Lakevich , Marketing Executive at Dreambird says: “the market now requires more advanced, complex products for customers to stay competitive and cope with even shorter production lead times. By offering RADAN and WORKXPLORE it gives them the answer for the ever growing demand”.

SPARK are based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and their customer base are among the largest Russian industrial market representatives.

Technical Solutions are located in Vilnius, Lithuania and also in Riga, Latvia. The company offers Coastone (CONE Series) entry-level package bending technologies for easy, cost efficient bending in situations where more advanced performance options are necessary.



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