WORKXPLORE 2017R2 new Release WORKXPLORE 2017R2 new Release WORKXPLORE 2017R2 new Release WORKXPLORE 2017R2 new Release


New capabilities in the 2017 R2 edition of WORKXPLORE, are maintaining the powerful high speed CAD viewer and analyser’s long tradition of updating format support and new enhancements.

Icons and Graphics Refurbishing

This WORKXPLORE version presents a brand-new icon style common to all VERO products.

In addition, the right-hand side toolbar has been replaced by a quick access menu (HUD) located in the upper-left corner of the 3D view.

This menu contains all the functionalities that were available in the toolbar that, by default, has been removed.

PCDMIS File Import/Export

WORKXPLORE is now able to read and write CAD files of PCDMIS. This will offer it as a collaboration tool between the VISI and PCDMIS packages.

EDGECAM Part File Import

The reading of EDGECAM models includes the solids, fixtures and stock from an EDGECAM part file. This possibility gives EDGECAM customers the ability to annotate for machine setup sheets.

Native File Preview

WORKXPLORE has now the possibility to preview the models before their import. This could be very useful when loading big size parts or just some components of an assembly.

When an assembly node is clicked in the WORKXPLORE import window, whenever available, some information about it (preview image, file path, size) is displayed.

Picture previews are almost always available with CATIA V5 and SolidWorks but also other formats such as NX can provide a picture preview.

3D SpaceMouse Integration

3Dconnection’s family of SpaceMouse products provides a comfortable and natural way to interact with the digital content of WORKXPLORE making it easier to focus on your design.

OpenGL Mode Analysis

WORKXPLORE uses two rendering modes of the OpenGL library which have a different behaviour in terms of performance when processing big data. Clearly, these performances also depend on the computer configuration, especially the graphic card.

Object VISIbility Pre-sets

It is now possible to create object visibility preset with the function available in the assembly panel.

Dynamic Section

The dynamic section toolbar layout has been changed to make it clearer and more compact.

A new behavior has been introduced concerning the section filling. When a picking is done while the section is active (for example a point creation), it is not possible to pick something hidden by the section if it is drawn opaquely. Nevertheless, if the section is drawn in transparent, it is possible to pick what is visible.

Properties/Group Properties Multiselection

It is now possible to select several nodes in the assembly tree to display and save their properties.

Creation of Line Perpendicular to a Surface

The function is accessible from the Create Lines menu.

Creation of Line Tangent to Curve

This new function allows the user to select a point on a curve and then create a line oriented from the tangent of this curve. The function is accessible from the Create Lines menu

Curve Tangency Measure

This feature allows to measure the tangency difference between two curves that join on the same point.

Plane Hole Patch Enhancements

The function is still available from the Create Faces toolbar.
There are now two ways to create patches: Edge selection and Face selection.


This release continues WXP’s long tradition of bringing updated format support and continued enhancements and fixes to further improve the robustness and performance of interoperability.