Assembly View New Visualization for Components

It is now possible to easily highlight parts in an assembly. In fact, the selected component is displayed in a vibrant color whilst the assembly appears in a transparent style in the background. The purpose of this visualization is to show the position of a certain isolated part in an assembly with the focus on the selected component primarily.

In addition, it is possible to pick any component of the model in the graphic area so to highlight it in the assembly tree structure that can then be easily navigated.

Designer Reading

The direct import of Designer files is now possible.

ACIS Reading of SAB Files

The possibility to read files in binary format has been added to the ACIS interface. Currently supported versions are until 2019.1.0.

Client Viewer Refurbishing

This tool, that enables users to communicate 3D parts and assemblies to sub-contractors, customers or colleagues using a standalone, lightweight application that can be easily transmitted via the Internet, has been reviewed and enhanced.

First, it is now possible, through the export window, to choose between the creation of 32- or 64-bits Client Viewer executables. The latter allows big models/assemblies to be exported correctly.

In addition, it has been added the ability to export WorkNC Toolpaths.

Translators - Supported Formats

The incessant enhancements to consolidate WORKXPLORE and make it even more efficient have been applied to commands and libraries.

This release continues WXP’s long tradition of bringing updated format support and continued enhancements and fixes to further improve the robustness and performance of interoperability.