Addition for the Import of Supported File Extensions

The dialog for file opening has been refurbished so that MPS products are listed at the top of it with all the other systems displayed in alphabetical order.

The following file extensions have been added to the indicated formats:

  • ACIS -> *.asat
  • Pro/E - Creo -> *.xar, *.xpr
  • Solid Edge -> *.psm, *.pwd
  • STEP -> *.stpZ, *.stpx, *.stpxZ

Ability to Read PMIs from Files

In addition to the enhancement for the import of GD&T for the STEP format (support for Camera Views), it is now possible to read the PMI included in IGES files through the dedicated option.

Assembly Tree Enhancements

Before the import of any native geometry, it is now possible to decide whether to create empty nodes or not. By default, the empty nodes are kept since, in some cases, it could be interesting to have them.

A new option has been added in the global Parameters in order to keep or remove empty nodes after import.

In addition, through the same box, another option permits to add to the Assembly Tree a new type of node for metadata.

In fact, in some native CAD files (e.g. CATIA V5) there are special Parameter nodes which have a designation and a value.

Earlier, this information was retrieved and added in the properties of the node of the Part.

Now a new "Information" node, which contains this kind of data, can be available in the Assembly Tree.

Addition of Warnings Popup for Missing Files

When importing an assembly that has missing files, a message is displayed to alert the user about it. This is very important when dealing with big assemblies which may take time to load.

Option to Display Entity True Colors after Import

Currently models are imported with their true colors, with dark ones displayed by default a bit brighter. An option has been added to allow users to replace the colors on the fly. Clicking on this button a dialog will be displayed with "Settings" to customize colors.

Client Viewer Repositioning of Measurements

Considering the positive comments following the addition to the Client Viewer of the measurements feature, very suitable for customers of Hexagon measurement equipment's, this functionality has been optimized so that control points can now be moved, to make it more convenient to view the results.

Note that the automatic positioning of the control points can be restored with a right-click on the control points that have been moved.

TRANSLATORS | Supported Formats

The incessant enhancements to consolidate WORKXPLORE and make it even more efficient have been applied to commands and libraries.

This release continues WXP’s long tradition of bringing updated format support and continued enhancements and fixes to further improve the robustness and performance of interoperability.