Vero and Dreambrid at Balttechnika

Double Anniversary For Vero Distributor Dreambird

Dreambird – Vero Software’s distributor for Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries – is celebrating a double anniversary. It is five years since the company was founded, and three years since they started working with Vero.

Based at Riga in Latvia, Dreambird represents RADAN, EDGECAM, VISI, WORKNC and WORKXPLORE. They also partner Wilson Tool, providing a one-stop solution for manufacturers’ CAD/CAM and cutting tool needs.

Dreambird Managing Director Ivan Izosin says they fully analyse their customers’ requirements and find a tailored solution. He says when subcontractors choose a software solution they always look for speed – in preparing quotations, calculating prices, and nest parts. OEMs usually ask for a complete integrated solution covering the entire process from quoting and 3D modelling through to the NC code generation.

“Vero Software solutions have proved themselves time and time again, always displaying the most stable performance, maximum power, and speed of functions, along with exceptional flexibility.”

He says most of their customers and prospects work with sheet metal fabrication, in particular equipment vending. “They not only want CAD/CAM solutions, but also various kinds of tooling for manufacturing, ERP systems which can be customized, and corporate websites of different levels of complexity.” Dreambird also have a web applications division to support websites and ERP systems, along with graphic design, content creation and SEO services.

The company was founded in 2011, and became a Vero distributor in June 2013, now offering software solutions and support. “Once the customer chooses the most appropriate kind of license we organize online or onsite training, and all the regular software updates, new functionality patch installations or system re-installations are included in the package.
“Our technical support specialists answer users’ questions, fix performance issues and recommend system optimization for best performance.  
Ivan Izosin says the Dreambird name came a legend about a bird which makes dreams come true. “The legend tells that only the most honest and hard-working people could see it. By choosing this name we’re demonstrating our attitude towards our business, partners and customers.”


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