Vero Expertize, Service and Versatility At French SIANE Exhibition

Vero Software, will be demonstrating its CAD/CAM solutions at the aerospace-focused SIANE Exhibition, from October 24 - 26, at the Toulouse Exhibition Center, in France.

Renowned for its software to design, simulate, program, manage and manufacture all types of parts for the aerospace industry, Vero will present the 2017 versions of four of its brands in Hall 6 Booth 6Z17: VISI, the fully-integrated CAD/CAM solution with direct modelling, WORKNC, the 2- to 5- axis CAM solution, WORKXPLORE, the collaborative Viewer Analyzer, and EDGECAM, the mill-turn CAM solution, vital for the aerospace industry.

Aeronautic applications regularly require 3-, 4- and 5-axis lathes but nowadays multifunction mill/turn machines are often the most suitable alternative. EDGECAM offers easy and safe programming of these types of multi-task machine tools. It initially detects the machining environment, fully simulates milling and turning operations - the rotary movements of the stock and the spindle - to detect any eventual collisions, and ensures a totally secure environment.

EDGECAM 2017 R2 offers a new turning cycle which includes B-axis movements during milling operations on a turning center.

The tool-holder is secured during setup and users have additional control on the toolpath thanks to configurable angles. This new cycle can be used with all types of tuning tools, for roughing and finishing phases.

The last version of EDGECAM also provides users with a Probing module, described as an "easy to use and reliable tool" for analyzing models during and after conception. To meet the increasing needs for offline analysis and probing, EDGECAM is designed for CAM programmers and uses CAD models. Thanks to easy to use commands, the user creates a series of analyzing functions, which are then converted into toolpaths and simulated.

Vero’s collaborative viewer/analyzer, WORKXPLORE, contains a wide range of function that are normally found in advanced CAD applications. With its ability to open native EDGECAM and WORKNC files, WORKXPLORE has been designed to quickly import and analyze files of all types and sizes. WORKXPLORE often takes less than half the time to open a CAD file compared to the original CAD application. This same CAD file can then be shared with other departments, customers and suppliers using its lightweight format. The Annotation functions allow the users involved in the same project to seamlessly communicate modifications, observations and instructions to the original CAD model.

Vero Software and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: Hall 6 - Booth 6Z17.



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