Snow Boots & Exercize Bike – Vero at World’s Biggest Composites Show

A pair of ski boots and an exercize bike produced using WORKNC and VISI, will demonstrate the versatility of Vero’s CAD/CAM software, at the world’s largest composites show in Paris.

The boots and bike will be on display at the Vero booth – R75 in Pavilion 7.2 – at the JEC Europe Composites Show, between March 10 and 12.

Both WORKNC and VISI are popular with manufacturers in the composites sector, as is the WORKPLAN Production Management System handling everything from the quotation to the shipping and invoicing of the job, which is also on show at the exhibition.

The Ciclotte exercize bike has an ultra-modern carbon frame, made by the Lamiflex Group. They chose VISI Modelling and VISI Analysis for the design, and VISI Machining to manufacture all composite mold parts that were used to build it.

Salomon, a leading producer of French alpine equipment, have been using WORKNC for 27 years. “A single machining sequence produces all their Carbon Pro ski boots, which can come in a range of ten different sizes,” says Antonio Parisse, WORKNC Sales Manager.

“The exhibition is an opportunity for the Vero Group to show its strength offering complete, all-in-one solutions, to the industry.”

The WORKNC CAD/CAM system is well-known in the mold and die industries for its ability to mill carbon fibre dies, and trimming composites components. And VISI’s CAD capabilities are tailored to design molds for composites, with new functionality allowing the 2D development of 3D composite parts.

Composites manufacturers have been able to tailor WORKPLAN to completely fit their specific needs, following their individual in-house processes related to the complexity of their projects.

Visitors to the Vero booth will see the new functionality in the latest releases of VISI Modelling, VISI Blank and VISI Mold, along with WORKNC’s 3+2 capability, auto5, 5-axis drilling, and a robot trimming application using 5-axis profiling. WORKPLAN 2015 are showing the interfaces with WORKXPLORE and VISI, and their CRM module.

Live on screen demonstrations include:

•   VISI 21 – mold design of composite parts, swift blank form development, and Advanced Modelling Deformation.
•   WORKNC V23 – milling of mold parts in 2- and 3-axis, 5-axis trimming, 5-axis drilling, Roughing, Finishing and Remachining toolpaths to cut dies.
•   WORKPLAN 2015 – project management processes and workflow, 3D integration and CAD data integration from quotation through to shop floor.

Vero Software – VISI V21, WORKNC V23, WORKPLAN 2015 – Booth R75, Pavilion 7.2.


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